Fees, Online Pre-Payments & Cancellation Policy


Services for LC Consultations with our IBCLCs / NNCPs may be covered by your private medical insurance provider

Please contact us for more information.  Insurance Providers that may cover our services include: Manulife, Great West Life, Green Shield, Industrial Alliance and Claim Secure.



  1. Please take a moment to review our Fee Structure & Cancellation Policy below.  For budget conscious families, consultation visits at our Offices are best and easy access via TTC.
  2. Please Contact Us to briefly review your Breastfeeding Support needs and to Schedule an Appointment at your Home/Hospital or at our Offices.
  3. Once you have Scheduled your Appointment with us, we will send you an invoice via Email that can be paid securely online.


Please refer to our Overview for a list of services and issues we can help you with.




(HST will be applied to the prices listed below)      

HST/GST # 828655936

A brief description of each Service is found on our Breastfeeding Overview page


OnsiteStandard Price

   at Your Home or Hospital  


Discounted Rate at

My Clinic Office at 2700 Dufferin St.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday


Consult Time

  by Appointment Only by Appointment Only  
Prenatal Lactation Consultation $175   1 hour
Prenatal Breastfeeding Class $175   1 hour
Lactation Consultation $175/hr $120/hr    avg. 1.5hrs/consult   
Holidays Lactation Consultation $200/hr $120/hr    avg. 1.5hrs/consult   
Lactation Consultation Multiples $200/hr $175/hr    avg. 1.5hrs/consult   
Video Conferencing (usually via Zoom) $115/hr $115/hr 1 hour
Additional Fees

+Travel Fees*



+Travel Fees*




Notes: (*)

  • Cancellations with less than 24 hrs will incur a minimum charge of 1 hour fee.  Please see below for our Cancellation Policy Terms & Conditions.
  • The Travel Fee is based on the distance from our offices beyond 20km. We are located in the area of Bloor St W & Hwy 427.
  • Calculate the travel distance to our offices using the following map
  • It's important to realize that asking your Lactation Consultant to visit you and your baby at Home or Hospital requires scheduling the EXTRA time to travel to and from your location.  This means that the Lactation Consultant has to block ALL the required time in her agenda, and forego seeing other moms and babies during your Onsite visit.  Additionally, there are logistics expenses involved related to the transportation and parking.  For this reason, please note that Lactation Consultant Services provided at your home or Hospital will include an additional Travel Fee to cover the Travel Time of the LC and Vehicle Expenses.  
    • The additional Travel Fee is approximately $2.00/km (each way) if your home or hospital is outside our regular service area in Toronto.  Please contact us for additional information.
    • Any parking fees will also be charged back to the client, since this is not part of our service fee and is different depending on the Hospital or Public Parking availability for visits at your Location.
  • At VitaNurture Toronto Breastfeeding, we are committed to providing choices in a transparent manner.  For this reason, we encourage you and your baby to take advantage of our reduced rates when visiting us at our Offices, with easy TTC access and free street parking right in front of our door!


It is important to recognize that your Lactation Consultant is committed to making time to see you and your baby at the Scheduled Appointment & Location.  This means that they will manage other commitments around your Scheduled Appointment.

For this reason, in the event of a Cancellation, Refunds are not issued, but in certain cases we will apply your pre-payment to a rescheduled mutually-convenient time.

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours to the Scheduled Appointment will incur a minimum charge equivalent to 1 hour of your Consultation Type (Home/Hospital/Onsite= $175+HST, Our Offices= $120 HST included)

Cancellations made with more than 24 hours prior to the Scheduled Appointment will not incur late penalty charges and will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time during the following 90 days.
Cancellations MUST be made via phone OR email, which ensures we receive your cancellation request.
  • Please  Text, Call/Voicemail our office anytime at 647-689-2332, if prompted please leave a voicemail with your Name, Contact Number and Cancellation Details, or
  • Please Email us anytime via our Contact Form available on our website here http://vitanurture.ca/contact.  Our system will send you an email confirming the reception of your cancellation request.  
In either case, we will be in contact with you to confirm the cancellation and reschedule, as required.
It is important that Cancellations reach us consistently, and for this reason we provide the above two methods.